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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Clinical Research Courses & Training | Healthcare Management Training

clinical research institute To provide superior education to our students through comprehensive and integrated academic courses enhanced by technology, concerted interdisciplinary approach with global reach, embracing research, scholarly pursuits, and relevant industry participation.

Our educational endeavors that are technology driven as well as industry specific create the legacy of James Lind Institute.

We at JLI believe that in today’s constellation of knowledge, it is critical to know what, when, and how to study. Mentors assigned to all students are accomplished clinical research industry professionals, who help students untangle the challenges faced in creating a rewarding career in the clinical research industry. In totality, the relationship of students with JLI is more than academic. It is, in fact, a common journey towards professional and intellectual perfection.

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James Lind Institute provides clinical research training and site setup support to physicians who would like to upgrade their medical practice into well trained and equipped clinical research sites.

Employers look for something more than just a degree. They look for an extra edge, and James Lind Institute's online training courses are your perfect solution.

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Applying to James Lind Institute's online courses is extremely simple. You need to register by creating a guest account on this website and fill in a simple application form..

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JLI bags Education Excellence Award - 2017

STEP 1 - Create a Student Account :
To create a student account please click Apply Now. If you have already created a student account you can simply Login

STEP 2 - Edit Your Profile :
Click the 'Edit Profile' option in your Student Account and fill in all the mandatory details (fields marked with an *). Click the 'Save' button to save the information you entered.

STEP 3 - Submit Your Application :
Click the 'Application Form' option, select the program you are applying for from the drop down menu, select your preferred fee payment mode and submit your application.

Online Learning Benefits

Online Learning FAQs

Online training courses have multiple benefits for students. The benefits are not only pedagogical but also in terms of time and economics. At James Lind Institute we have fully identified and evaluated the merits of online clinical research training for prospective industry professionals, thus empowering them with the right knowledge for a successful career.

We have overcome all the barriers which may be there for students to know their aptitude...

clinical research online course

Industry Faculty  

5 out of 5 Faculty Reviews

clinical research faculty All academic clinical research courses at the James Lind Institute are fully reviewed and endorsed by industry leaders who have made it to the level of opinion leaders. The Industry speaks for itself about the relevance of the James Lind Institute's online training programs and the rigorous training imparted to students. Industry leaders consider JLI trained students as the future bellwethers to carry their legacy forwards.

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All our programs are self paced. This means once you are enrolled with us you will be provided access to our online campus and all study material as per your program curriculum which may be in the form of audio video lectures, videos, documents, podcasts and other multimedia format will be made available in your study account. You can login anytime you wish to study. James Lind Institute's online learning platform allows you to interact with local and international students and faculty online for each individual lesson. In addition, a mentor can be contacted at any time via phone or email. You can also track your progress and submit assignments online. The whole program is divided into a set of study modules and each module has a number of lessons assigned to it. All tests are conducted online in an multiple choice question format.

James Lind Institute also schedules periodic webinars on various topics however attending them is optional.

To know more about the training methodology followed by James Lind Institute, please click here.

Most of our programs follow a continual assessment methodology and students are assessed on three criteria. The first is completion of the online Multiple Choice Question tests for each lesson. The second is the submission of assignments or projects, and the third is the degree of interaction in the online group discussions.

Completion Award

After successful completion of the program, the hard copy of the certificate and a detailed transcript is couriered to the students mailing address. Students also have the option to personally visit the campus to collect the same.
The award / certificate can be verified by anyone using our Online Certificate Verification System (OCVS)

James Lind Institute's unique online programs open up a number of career opportunities for its students in domains such as clinical research and healthcare. Our programs thoroughly prepare freshers to get a breakthrough in the industry and also help propel working professionals to higher positions in the corporate hierarchy.
Most of our online students are successfully placed and working in leading global organizations such as Accenture, Aventis, Astra Zeneca, Biocon, Cognizant, Dabur, Dr. Reddys, Glaxo Smithkline, Glenmark, i-Gate Patni, Pfizer, Makrocare, Quintiles, ICON, Parexel, Tata Consultancy Services, Fresenius Kabi, Novartis, Wokardth etc. Some of our students are also working with government organizations such as the Tanzania FDA, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Ministry of Health Kenya, Ministry of Health Ghana, University of Abuja, Bagedo & Dr. Erfan General Hospital Saudi Arabia, Astellas Research Institute of America, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago among many others.

James Lind Institute has a dedicated student success team (SST) to assist with placements and 100% placement support is provided to all students. The SST helps you with resume building, identifies suitable positions for you, conducts mock interview sessions to help you prepare, recommends you and takes you to the interview bench. We also provide you access to our job portal where you can search for many jobs that get updated in more than 60 countries.

Following are some employers were our students are placed:

clinical research jobs

With students from more than 40 countries, James Lind Institute offers one of the greatest selection of accredited, globally recognized, industry focused online training programs in clinical research, healthcare and allied specialities. Self-paced learning, interactive study material, online exams, 24 hr live chat support, personal mentor, personal profile pages, access to job portal, placement support, highly qualified faculty etc, are some of the unique advantages of James Lind Institute. To know more please click here

Who was James Lind?
James Lind is widely known as the 'Father of Naval Medicine'. He was a Scottish physician who conducted the first ever randomized clinical trial in the year 1747 to find out a treatment for scurvy. He was born in Edinburgh in 1716.
Each year, the International Clinical Trials' Day is celebrated by researchers' on or near the 20th of May to celebrate the day that James Lind started his famous scurvy clinical trial.

James Lind Clinical Trial

clinical research scholarship
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