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JLI students get the opportunity of reading, listening to lectures, additional reference readings, exercises and assignments, as many times as they may need during the course to attain maximum understanding of the subject. This is substantiated by a prompt query resolution support by well learned faculty from the industry. This kind of personalized approach takes away the constraints of distractions, missed classes, fatigue and sometimes-unbearable ennui seen in regular classrooms.

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Advising and Tutoring

From the time you join JLI to the completion of your study course(s), and even beyond as our prized alumni, our “Student Success Team” is always ready to help you. You will be introduced to team members following completion of your admission application.

The Success team is of invaluable support to our students in all academic and professional areas including but not limited to:

  • Academic concerns and questions related to clinical research and other areas of study at James Lind Institute
  • All job related queries
  • Financial concerns and questions
  • Bookstore and software questions related to clinical research
  • Academic questions not related to James Lind Institute

We highly encourage students to take help from our "Students Success Team", which comprises of senior clinical research industry professionals.


Our unique academic approach provides enrolled students with a tutoring advisor/mentor. The tutor is also a member of the "Students Success Team" who mentors students for all round professional development. Tutors form an invaluable resource for the students bringing them in an interface with the industry.

Please don't hesitate to contact your tutor or "Student Success Team" co-ordinator ( SSTC) when you feel the need to seek out tutoring or allied assistance. Appointments are available upon request.

Another facet of our tutoring methodology is related to our acknowledgement of the fact that tutoring experience is a valuable addition to a student’s resume and highly regarded by the prospective employers. We provide our advanced/outgoing students an opportunity to tutor the junior students by providing additional or complimentary lectures through the same portal they have themselves studied from and will be duly certified by the James Lind Institute. This opportunity will be provided to students who have shown extensive understanding of clinical research based upon the learning provided and their activity on the Online Campus Tutoring Center (OCTC) of the Institute.

Online Campus Tutoring Center (OCTC)

After enrolling for a course at James Lind Institute, students have access to the online campus tutoring center (OCTC) that connects students with tutors, guest faculty and fellow students. OCTC is provided for every lesson on the course and facilitates a student to learn from his peers apart from receiving instructions from the tutors.

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