Medical Tourism in India and Career Opportunities


Medical tourism involves travelling abroad to receive world-class medical treatment at a very affordable rates as compared to countries like U.S, UK and Australia. Medical Tourism, is also known as Medical Travel, Surgical Tourism, Health Tourism, Health Travel, Healthcare Abroad, Medical Overseas, Overseas Surgery, Medical Outsourcing and Offshore Medical Tourism. It is one of the fastest-growing businesses on earth. With the rising price of treatment in the UK and long waiting lists, there’s never been a better time to combine a trip abroad with a treatment. Continue reading

Pharmacovigilance: A Career Opportunity You Must Not Miss


Safety and efficacy are mostly the two things to be concerned around the usage of a drug product and, we might contemplate if we have anyone monitoring that? Well yes, its Pharmacovigilance. Pharmacovigilance is the science and the actions related to detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem. In today’s market, we have a myriad of medicine brands with different ingredients. Continue reading

Scope of Public Health Training in African Countries – Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia


What is Public Health?

Good health is always the essence of a human’s over all well-being. It is linked to the human capacity to contribute to development. Public Health is a science that identifies the cause of the disease and aims at implementing the solution on a large-scale basis. Studying the cause of the issue rather than just treating the issue is the aim of Public health. Public health conducts scientific research while educating the public and bringing awareness about good health practices. They aim to protect people by making them live within good health conditions.Vaccination is one of the commendable approach public health brings in to children and adults by preventing them from vulnerable or life-threatening diseases. Continue reading

A Career as a Medical Journalist


Journalism is often described as the ‘voice of the voiceless’. Journalism is the investigation and broadcasting of issues, trends and events to a wide range of audience for many different purposes. To a large extent today people around depend on the press for being well informed on the events and incidents happening around the world. The press plays a vital role in a democratic society. They have the power to expose and blow things out of proportion or bow them mutely under the carpet. They are the strong bridge between the related authorities and the public, handling all of the relevant issues. Precision, Stability and Reliability are the values of Journalism. Continue reading

Bright Career Opportunities After Pharm.D (A Doctor of Pharmacy) – Pharmacovigilance as a Drug Safety Associate


Scope of Pharm.D in India

Indian pharmacy education took a big leap in the year 2008 with The Pharmacy Council of India recognizing the Pharm.D program. This was a move to standardize pharmacy education in India and make it at par with international standards. Numerous universities and colleges in India have launched the Pharm.D program; however the road to success is a steep one with this higher degree program. Continue reading

Careers in Pharmacovigilance – A Stable Evergreen Industry

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Pharmaceuticals is regarded as an evergreen industry. Drug safety or Pharmacovigilance is at the center stage of new drug development as well as postmarketing evaluation of approved drugs and devices. This creates a very vital niche for the pharmacovigilance industry inside the much larger and expanding pharmaceutical business. It would be apt to say that if pharmaceutical business is evergreen then pharmacovigilance is greener. Continue reading

Tropical Medicine in the Era of International Connectivity

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In the modern era in which air travel has shrunken international boundaries, the study of tropical medicine has gained a more serious relevance for all nations. As a major example the Ebola virus disease (EVD) epidemic that surfaced in early 2014 has brought to limelight the concerns regarding the rapidity at which infectious diseases can cross distant borders and the effect they can have internationally. Continue reading

Importance of Tropical Medicine in Africa


Many health issues are specific to certain parts of the world based on their geography, socioeconomic and other factors.  A branch of international medicine also known has tropical medicine is involved in addressing issues related to health which mainly include communicable diseases common in the tropical and subtropical regions. Continue reading

Active drug safety surveillance improves public health (Drug Safety Surveillance)


‘All drugs need to be safe and efficacious’ is an ideal goal and the objective of the pharmaceutical industry, researchers and the regulatory agencies is to come closer to this goal as much as possible. In the public health scenario the concepts of drug safety takes a higher priority due to a wider application of therapeutics outside of a controlled environment of clinical trials with rare and idiosyncratic effects surfacing with experience. Continue reading