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United States Department of Education in an evidence based meta-analysis of various studies conducted over a period of 12 years concluded that students who acquired higher education through online mode performed much better than those in regular class room courses. ( opepd/ppss/reports.html)

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Careers in Clinical Research

Clinical Research Careers | Careers in Clinical Trials | Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Research Careers | Clinical Research Coordinator | Careers in Clinical Trials

The global clinical research industry is worth more than US $52 billion and expected to be the one of the largest industries by 2015. Clinical research is a major portion of the drug development cycle with lurking career opportunities. The exposure to cutting edge technology and outstanding career progression makes clinical research a very attractive, booming and upcoming field. This field inspires to ‘think out-of-the-box’ and evaluate and analyze processes and systems across the world, which is a critical need of the hour. Career in clinical research gives recognition and reward to ones ability as well as fulfilling a desire to make a difference in people’s lives and career.

Aspirants can make a career in clinical research usually in one of the following areas:

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