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Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism

Online Medical Journalism Course | Medical Journalism Training | Medical Journalism Institute

Online Medical Journalism Course | Online Medical Journalism Training | Medical Journalism Institute Diploma Program

Journalism is a style of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating the information, consisting of facts, on occurrences with little attempt of interpretation. Journalism is an idea which gives the public a balanced and objective view. Journalism is about explaining things that everyone can understand.

There has been a significant growth of biomedical knowledge over last few years. The developing interest of the public into health related information and its latest development has resulted in continuous demand for good writing that can understand scientific stories and convey them in an interesting way and to facilitate the flow and dispersion of relevant medical research information to the public and to bridge the gap between the wealth of expanding information and the quality of public health.

Medical journalism is the dissemination of health and medical stories and health related topics in mass media. It targets the public at large, rather than specific professional groups, by providing health related information through mainstream media outlets. Medical and health related topics are exciting and diversified and are widely reported, as these topics influence awareness, attitudes and intentions but may also contribute to change in behavior, health care utilization, clinical practices and health policies. A career in medical journalism offers a rewarding opportunity to delve any number of carping contemporary concerns from medical, social and environmental policies.

At James Lind Institute, we offer an Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism (PDMJ) that prepares students to have sharp and specific media skills to write and produce powerful stories about health and medical issues. Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism (PDMJ) follows a media neutral approach and is designed to teach skills needed to work as a practicing medical journalist. It is dedicated to provide students with better understanding of medicine and science and to recognize, investigate, analyze and narrate scientific and medical findings, issues and concerns, focusing on the untangling of complexities and controversies for a lay audience worldwide. Our program, Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism (PDMJ) helps students to enter this profession with strong foundation in medical journalism and narrative techniques, serving a growing public need for specialized information.

Course Structure


    program curriculum

Course duration

Self Paced 4 - 6 months (Maximum duration 18 months)

A student enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism course is expected to study online for a minimum of fifteen hours per week.

Course Assessment

Course assessment involves online multiple choice questions for each lecture, followed by assignments for each study module.

Overall academic performance in the program is measured on a 4 point Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) scale. More information about this is available here: Evaluation System

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum eligibility criteria for the course would be either of the following:

  • MBBS/BHMS/BAMS/BPT/MPT/BDS/BMLT/Bachelor in Naturopathy & Veterinary Science /MD/MS.

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology).

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Chemistry/Biostatistics/ Bioinformatics.

  • Graduate or equivalent degree in Nursing/Allied Health.

  • Graduate or equivalent degree in mass communication / journalism

  • Students in their final year of graduation for the above courses may also apply.

  • Candidates without any science background such as graduates in English language or candidates with some work experience in writing / journalism / allied areas may also be eligible for this program. Please check with our counsellors for more information.

Fee Structure

Course fee for all JLI courses is very reasonable. Please use our Course Fee Calculator below to know the course fee applicable to you.

If you are not sure about the fee applicable to you for Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism, please send an email to or chat with our online counsellor.

For more details about the admission procedure please click here.

Academic Support

Throughout the course, the students can interact with the faculty and other students via the “Online Campus Tutoring Centre” to discuss any coursework related issues.

Each student enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism course is assigned a mentor throughout the course who will be a senior professional from the Industry. Students are in close contact with the "Student Success Team" during the course and thereafter as alumni. To know more about the "Student Success Team", click here.

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