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Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare &
Hospital Management

Online Healthcare Management Training Institute | Hospital Management Courses & Programs

Online Healthcare Management Training Institute | Hospital & Healthcare Management Courses & Programs

The Healthcare Industry is massive and encompasses people who work in almost every profession. Healthcare and Hospital Management is managing all levels of health service in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Health executives and managers stood in high demand to enhance the healthcare professionalism. According to a recent US survey, hospital management is one among the top ten millennium professions which provides a direct link between healthcare facilities and those supplying the services they need. Espicom estimates the market will grow by an average of 15.6 per cent over the next few years, to around $ 4.8 billion by 2015.

Express Healthcare states that there is an immediate need for medical education and training, which could provide additional opportunities. A healthcare professional creates an organizational environment for felicitous utilization of the hospital resources which open the gates for development of the organization.

At James Lind Institute, we offer an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management (APDHHM) that prepares students to have managing and organizational skills. This Advanced Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management provides you with an in-depth understanding of the core areas of the Healthcare Management and enhances your skills and knowledge to the level expected of a Healthcare Executive / Professional. The Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Management course has been developed with support from Global Hospitals, one of the largest corporate chain of hospitals in India.

The Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management (APDHHM) course curriculum is fully reviewed and endorsed by the healthcare sector thus imparting students the edge that they require to make an entrance in the healthcare industry and empowers the professionals to move to higher cadres in the management hierarchy.

Course Structure


    program curriculum

Course duration

Self Paced 6 - 8 months (Maximum duration 24 months)

A student enrolled for the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management course is expected to study online for a minimum of fifteen hours per week.

Course Assessment

Course assessment involves online multiple choice questions for each lecture, followed by assignments for each study module.

Overall academic performance in the program is measured on a 4 point Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) scale. More information about this is available here: Evaluation System

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum eligibility criteria for the course would be either of the following:

  • MBBS/BHMS/BAMS/BPT/MPT/BDS/BMLT/Bachelor in Naturopathy & Veterinary Science /MD/MS.

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology).

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Chemistry/Biostatistics/ Bioinformatics.

  • Graduate or equivalent degree in Nursing/Allied Health.

  • Students in their final year of graduation for the above courses may also apply.

  • Candidates without any science background such as graduates in business administration or candidates with some work experience who wish to enter the healthcare industry may also be eligible for this program. Please check with our counsellors for more information.

Fee Structure

Course fee for all JLI courses is very reasonable. Please use our Course Fee Calculator below to know the course fee applicable to you.

If you are not sure about the fee applicable to you for Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management, please send an email to or chat with our online counsellor.

For more details about the admission procedure please click here.

Academic Support

Throughout the course, the students can interact with the faculty and other students via the “Online Campus Tutoring Centre” to discuss any coursework related issues.

Each student enrolled for the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management course is assigned a mentor throughout the course who will be a senior professional from the Industry. Students are in close contact with the "Student Success Team" during the course and thereafter as alumni. To know more about the "Student Success Team", click here.

Optional Master's Upgrade

This program can be upgraded to a Master of Science in Health Management by submitting the difference in fee plus a transfer fee of USD 250/-. To know more about this program please click here.

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