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You never stop learning and JLI keeps you on top of the latest advances in your field through the “Students Success Team” even after you complete your course. The SST sends you regular information about the latest advances, policy changes and all the dynamics of the Industry as a part of our committed effort towards career development of students and alumni.

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How it works

At James Lind Institute, we have created a highly optimal environment for education and training through our state-of-the-art online learning platform. The traditional route involving campus and classroom is not always the most effective or efficient means of learning for every student or for every course. High-quality online education courses in areas like clinical research, pharmaceutical medicine, pharmacoeconomics and translational medicine are a great alternative to regular classroom courses.

Classroom Activities

At JLI, a concerted approach to learning by our experienced faculty from the industry has led to the creation of high quality training courses that are industry relevant and endorsed by experts. Our pursuit of the finest of what technology has to offer our students has also led us to create an Online Campus Tutoring Centre (OCTC). Through this platform, students share knowledge and engage in discussions with faculty, mentors or fellow students. Our students get involved in career-focused activities from their first day at JLI and enjoy personalized support from our dedicated mentors, tutors as well as our prized ‘Student Success Team’.

All classroom material and assignments are posted online. Our students spend time listening to lectures, reading study material, participating in journal clubs at the OCTC, working on assignments and taking tests.

Course requirements

Although classes do not meet at specific times, we expect students to ‘attend’ their course by logging in several times a week. Students are also expected to adhere to any assignment deadlines, participate actively at the OCTC and take tests regularly. All tests are taken electronically.

Mock drills

Theoretical knowledge alone is not enough in all subjects especially when students are getting ready to demonstrate excellence on their jobs from day one. We at James Lind understand this and that’s why we provide practical hands- on training that our students are going to apply very frequently on their jobs is essential. Mock drills are role plays where students are given different situations for practical application. These role play mocks are conducted and overseen by the mentor or tutor and are a distinguished feature which gives an added dimension to our online courses. Mocks vary among courses e.g. in clinical research courses students are made to practice pre-study visits, site initiation visits, routine monitoring visits, close out visits, and many other relevant activities. The number of times a student will have to perform each one of these will be determined by the mentor or tutor and will be based on how quickly a student learns the required skills.

Tutoring Opportunities

Mock drills are not the only distinguishing feature of JLI academic courses. JLI is the only institute in the country that offers tutoring opportunities to high-performing and distinguished students who are identified during course of the course. This unique ‘learning by teaching’ approach allows selected high-performing students to tutor fellow students for a certain duration of time for which they are acknowledged and certified in addition to their course certificate.

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