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International Applicants

James Lind Institute welcomes all international applicants. We understand and acknowledge that online courses across the globe are extremely costly and not all students can afford them. JLI is committed to providing high quality education and training for all and hence we do not charge an exorbitant tuition fee from our international students just because they belong to a different geographical region.

To know the exact fee applicable to you please use our online program fee calculator

With JLI, you will have the benefit of attending an online course of the highest quality with a fair tuition fee. We welcome international applicants at JLI. Our online learning provides a great platform for our students to interact with each other and build a network of thorough professionals. Interacting with fellow students who belong to different geographical regions is fun and is a great learning in itself.

Acceptance requirements

Acceptance requirements for International applicants are similar to those of local students. International students must be able to provide documentation of their previous educational qualification as required for admission to a particular course. Proof of citizenship will also be required.

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