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International Board Certifications


James Lind Institute in association with Innovation Idea for Consultations (IIFC) based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Global Hospitals offers a number of clinical practice and medical or pharmaceutical related board or higher diploma certification programs in all countries across the world including Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) region.

The strategic collaboration of JLI and Innovation Idea for Consultations is characterized by mutual goals and commitments; that is to give a collaborative effort to unify clinical practice and medical or pharmaceutical education and training in the GCC region.

GCC Region IIFC & JLI Management

The association of Innovation Idea for Consultations and James Lind Institute in the GCC region for providing board certification and higher diploma programs is coordinated by Dr. Yousef Alomi.

About Dr. Yousef Al-Omi:

Dr. Alomi is a product of King Saud University confirmed with the degree of Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the year 1992. After six-years of higher study, he earned his Master of Clinical Pharmacy from the same university. He is an affiliated clinical instructor of Purdue University in the USA.

Dr. Alomi is an assistant professor at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. In the year 2005 he obtained Board Certification of Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS). In the year 2008, he obtained his diploma in business administration from American University in Egypt and in 2009, he obtained a Board Certification of Nutrition Support Pharmacy (BCNSP). He became a member of advisory board of the Arab of Pharmaceutical Journal in 2010.

Dr. Alomi has several trainings from the government and private hospitals both within and outside the Kingdom. Dr. Al-Omi brings in 16 years of experience from different departments in different hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

He is a teacher, trainer, researcher, clinical pharmacist, administrator and a private hospital consultant. Among his achievements, he is also a famous lecturer of different topics in national and international conferences. He has numerous researches and publications to count for.

Dr. Yousef Alomi, is the Head of Regional Drug and Poisoning Information Center in King Saud Medical City, Saudi Arabia.

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