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Clinical Trial News

Clinical trial demonstrates prolonged survival for advanced multiple myeloma patients

John Theurer Cancer Center at Hackensack University Medical Center has announced publication of breakthrough data in the treatment of advanced multiple myeloma in the journal Biology of Blood and...

Experts share their "real world" experience of treating people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease with biosimilar anti-TNFα monoclonal antibody (mAb)

Clinical experience presented at the Celltrion Healthcare satellite symposium during UEGW 2014 builds the evidence base for treating patients with IBD (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis) with...

New class of drugs shows promise in treating chronic diarrhoea

A pilot study testing a new type of drug in patients with chronic diarrhoea has shown promising effects on reducing their symptoms.

New analyses of oral Otezla® (apremilast) show efficacy in difficult-to-treat areas of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis

Celgene International Sàrl has presented results from additional efficacy and safety analyses of OTEZLA® (apremilast) from the ESTEEM phase III clinical trial programme at the 23rd European...

Could eating more fish make antidepressants work better?

A new study suggests depressed patients who do not respond to antidepressants may have abnormal fatty acid metabolism. The solution? Eat more fatty fish.

Adaptimmune announces interim results from pilot trial of its engineered NY-ESO T cells targeting synovial sarcoma

Adaptimmune Limited, a leading biotechnology company focused on the use of T-cell therapy to treat cancer and infectious disease, have announced the release of interim results from a pilot clinical...

Poor quality data is informing the future of our patient care, warns study

An investigation into how patient outcomes are assessed in clinical trials has revealed a worrying lack of consistency, raising concerns about funding being wasted on the acquisition of poor...

Early intervention may benefit preschoolers who stutter

While the majority of preschool children who stutter will grow out of it, those who don't can benefit from early intervention, say Purdue University speech experts.

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