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Clinical Trial News

Sugar and heart disease: The sour side of industry-funded research

We investigate the discovery of an influential 1960s study that was funded by the sugar industry to play down the link between sugar and heart disease.

Under-reporting of side effects in clinical research

Side effects are incompletely reported in peer-reviewed journal articles describing research findings on the clinical benefits of drugs and other medical treatments, according to a systematic...

Positive data presented demonstrating erenumab significantly reduces monthly migraine days in patients with chronic migraine

Amgen has announced detailed global Phase 2 results showing erenumab demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in monthly migraine days compared with placebo in patients with chronic...

Statins: 'Harms have been overestimated,' says review

An in-depth review into the health outcomes of statin therapy suggests the benefits of the cholesterol-lowering drugs outweigh the risks.

New research method questions traditional efficacy trial model

Traditional efficacy trials have limited relevance to everyday clinical practice and should be changed, according the authors of a new study into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)...

Asthma flare-ups reduced by antibody injection

Two trials have found that giving benralizumab injections over the course of a year may reduce the frequency of asthma exacerbations in severe asthma.

Pioneering Alzheimer's prevention study starts enrolling high-risk older adults

Researchers study whether two new drugs can reduce or eliminate protein linked to Alzheimer's.

Marijuana a better pain reliever for men than women

Compared with men who smoked marijuana, women did not experience a significant reduction in pain sensitivity, a new study reveals.

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