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Numerous studies have proven that distance learners perform as well or better than their on-campus counterparts. In the book, The No Significant Difference Phenomenon, author Thomas L. Russell cites 355 research reports, papers, and summaries dating back to 1928 that found no significant difference between distance learning and in-class learning. Where a difference was identified, it generally favored the distance learning student.

Benefits of Online Learning

Online Course | Online Courses | Online Clinical Courses

  Online Course | Online Courses | Online Clinical Courses

Learning the cyber way has multiple benefits for both students and society at large. The benefits are not only pedagogical but also practical in terms of time and economics. At JLI, we have fully identified and evaluated the merits of online learning for prospective industry professionals thus empowering them with the right knowledge for definite success.

We have overcome all barriers which may arise for students to identify their aptitude. Our counselling helps students to understand their goals and achieve them with target oriented learning from all aspects of the enterprise. Our students can access the courses from anywhere at any time thus making the course accessible twenty-four hours a day through seven days a week.

Students have the opportunity of reading, listening to lectures, reading additional reference content, completing exercises and assignments as many times as they may require during the course to attain maximum understanding of the subject. This is substantiated by a prompt query resolution support by well learned faculty from the industry. This kind of personalized approach takes away the constraints of distractions, missed classes, fatigue and sometimes unbearable ennui seen in regular classrooms.

Apart from the core learning objectives, our learning platform exposes students to the technologies on the internet and the communication skills and culture which are critical to professionals working within the global clinical research industry.

In an online environment, a student gets more time to assimilate a concept due to self-paced delivery and reception of the learning material. Internal chats and forums during online learning sessions are considered far efficient to enhance student-to-student interaction for knowledge sharing thus bringing about better academic gains.

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