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Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Translational
Medicine (APGDTM)

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“The pursuit of Translational Medicine is a proven scientific discovery for a better human health”.

Translational medicine (TM) is a juvenile phase in the branch of medicine. Translational Medicine is an intensely emerging field that pertains to predicting, preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases. It is a medical practice that paves way from an evidence-based-medicine to obtain sustainable solutions for human health problems. Translational Medicine conjointly uses clinical studies to hone and advance what’s performed in pre-clinical studies to discover & sustain novel medicines.

Translational medicine is the key to the encroachment of emerging medical therapies that relates to enhanced targeting of pharmaceutical & biomedical technologies and its involvement with clinical trials beyond the healthcare industry as well.

The aim is to sharpen, advance and hasten the bench-to-bedside and back research, i.e. Studies that reduce the gap between emerging molecular, genetic and cellular discoveries and their application to the patient, studies that are required to take a novel medicine through the tentative clinical development phase, which also applies awareness of human pharmacology, drug-target identification & biomarkers in clinical translational medicine.

As advances in the field of biotechnology turn to be more sophisticated, the scope does exist to develop not only the targeting of medications, but their delivery and outcome prediction. To achieve this, a multitude of systems biology skills are thoroughly required, that includes genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. Many biotech companies have introduced translational medicine units that are in-charge of facilitating the evolution of basic research into practical effective treatments and clinical trials.

The program 'Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Translational Medicine - APGDTM' offered by the James Lind Institute has been designed to develop professionals who will be able to apply modern analysis tools and techniques to clinically relevant areas of investigation. They will have a robust foundation within the basic methodologies of translational research.

Course Structure


    program curriculum

Course duration

Self Paced 6 - 8 months (Maximum duration 24 months)

A student enrolled in the Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Translational Medicine Program (APGDTM) is expected to study online for a minimum of fifteen hours per week.

Course Assessment

Course assessment involves online multiple choice questions for each lecture, followed by assignments for each study module.

Overall academic performance in the program is measured on a 4 point Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) scale. More information about this is available here: Evaluation System

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum eligibility criteria for Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Translational Medicine Program (APGDTM) would include either of the following:

  • MBBS/BHMS/BAMS/BPT/MPT/BDS/Bachelor in Naturopathy & Veterinary Science /MD/MS.

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology).

  • Graduate or equivalent degree in Nursing/Allied Health.

Fee Structure

Course fee for all JLI courses is very reasonable. Please use our Course Fee Calculator below to know the course fee applicable to you.

If you are not sure about the fee applicable to you for Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Translational Medicine for the academic year 2012-13 please send an email to or chat with our online counsellor.

For more details about the admission procedure please click here.

Academic Support

Throughout the course, the students can interact with the faculty and other students via the “Online Campus Tutoring Centre” to discuss any coursework related issues.

Each student enrolled in the Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Translational Medicine program (APGDTM) is assigned a mentor throughout the course who will be a senior professional from the industry. Students are in close contact with the “Student Success Team” during this clinical research course and thereafter as alumni. To know more about the “Student Success Team”, click here.

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