Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in India and Career Opportunities

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Medical tourism involves travelling abroad to receive world-class medical treatment at a very affordable rates as compared to countries like U.S, UK and Australia. Medical Tourism, is also known as Medical Travel, Surgical Tourism, Health Tourism, Health Travel, Healthcare Abroad, Medical Overseas, Overseas Surgery, Medical Outsourcing and Offshore Medical Tourism. It is one of the […]

Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance: A Career Opportunity You Must Not Miss

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Safety and efficacy are mostly the two things to be concerned around the usage of a drug product and, we might contemplate if we have anyone monitoring that? Well yes, its Pharmacovigilance. Pharmacovigilance is the science and the actions related to detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem. In […]

Medical Journalism

A Career as a Medical Journalist

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Journalism is often described as the ‘voice of the voiceless’. Journalism is the investigation and broadcasting of issues, trends and events to a wide range of audience for many different purposes. To a large extent today people around depend on the press for being well informed on the events and incidents happening around the world. […]