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Training in Medical Writing

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People with scientific or medical degrees and having worked in their respective fields covering many areas as research scientists or in management and by some means caught up in medical communications work. Some may have degrees in English or Journalism or, gained experience in communications, and finally ending up generating documents pertaining to scientific research, […]

Clinical Research

A Career in Medical Writing

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A Career in Medical Writing :- Medical writing is a white collar profession! The work is exciting and often rewarding, and the demand for medical writers is huge. Few people opt to be medical writers; most of us suit to it. Many of us have scientific or medical degrees (e.g., M.B.B.S, MD, PhD, PharmD, in […]

Diploma Clinical Research & Medical Writing

First Steps to Becoming a Medical Writer: Think Creative!

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Many young graduates who want to become medical writers often face a “Catch 22” situation. They are often puzzled by the question: ‘How to become a medical writer?’. Although the number of advertisements for hiring medical writers are increasing they are at the same time asking for writers experienced in medical or pharmaceutical industry writing. […]