Clinical Trials

Clinical trials & its significance

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Clinical Trials & Significance

The decrease in mortality and morbidity across the globe has been contributed to investment in basic clinical research by health organizations or institutes, health professionals and patients participating in clinical trials.  Clinical Trials  Clinical trials are research investigations volunteering participants to test new interventions for the purpose to prevent, diagnose, treat or manage various medical conditions […]

Clinical Research

Requirements for Masters in Clinical Research

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Requirements For Masters In Clinical Research

The growing size and complexity of hospitals, research facilities and laboratories in the medical field relies increasingly on clinical researchers to analyze and diagnose diseases. Clinical Research  The mission of clinical research is to investigate and determine the efficacy and safety of products intended for improving and maintaining human health like vaccines, drugs, devices, diagnostic […]

Clinical Research

Medical Device Development Guidelines

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Medical Device Development

An effective medical device complies with healthcare regulations and addresses solution specifications to deliver functionalities that satisfy the needs of the end user. Professionals employed from technical and non-technical background of life science, business administration or computer science need to understand the importance of medical device development guidelines. Medical Device Development Medical device development processes are complex […]

Good Clinical Practice

Updates on GCP Guidelines

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Updated guidelines for GCP

Clinical research is necessary to establish the efficacy and safety of specific health products and medical practices. All the key changes, revisions and amendments in guidelines are designed to help clinical researchers and practitioners to protect human subjects and properly document trial results, maintain data quality and integrity. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Guidelines Clinical research […]

Medical & Scientific Writing

Certificate Program In Medical Writing

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Certificate Medical writing

India provides a very favourable environment but faces challenges related to lack of in-depth  interdisciplinary domain expertise and standardized training programs, high attrition rates, inadequate technical writing skills in mainstream education and quality assessment tools.  Medical Writing Courses Medical writing has expanded to include safety, regulatory or publication records; communication and educational material related to […]


Pharmacovigilance Careers: Course, Qualification & Salary in India

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Pharmacovigialnce Course Qualification salary India

Availability of skilled resources and minimum operating costs favour job opportunities in pharmacovigilance in India.  Pharmacovigilance Career The implementation of quality pharmacovigilance systems is growing in the healthcare sector in India. With the pharmaceutical companies competing with each other to develop innovative medicinal products, it is important to train the workforce in various aspects of […]

Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance Associate Job Description

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Pharmacovigilance Associate Job description

There is no shortage of jobs in the field of pharmacovigilance and it requires high-quality work ethics from practicing experts which join various companies to earn attractive salary packages. Job aspirants need to be skilled in all activities related to understanding, monitoring, assessing, managing and preventing adverse effects of drugs. Pharmacovigilance Associate  A career in pharmacovigilance provides good prospects with generation of […]


Career Opportunity & Courses in Pharmacovigilance

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Pharmacovigilance Career Opportunity Courses

Optimizing benefit-risk and appropriate evidence gathering throughout the life-cycle of any product are important pharmacovigilance activities for all the stakeholders. Safety and pharmacovigilance professionals with knowledge in regulations, pre-market and post-market monitoring can survive in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Pharmacovigilance Career Drug safety and pharmacovigilance in areas of development and marketing of medication is extremely […]

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism In Developing Countries

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Medical Tourism Developing Countries

A Medical Vacation: A New Way to Recovery Medical tourism is a two way benefit street for both developed and developing countries as there is an inflow of foreign exchange for developing countries and increasing opportunities for local public in terms of tourism for boarding, lodging and various other assistance and services required. This not […]