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Concerns relating to the legal, ethical, and social repercussion of developments in biomedicine and biotechnology are increasingly happening around globe. From health care reform to stem cell research, these issues involve significant predicaments at the meeting points of society, culture, law, civic policy, religion, philosophy, history and finally economics.

Ethics in Clinical Research

Medical Law Training

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The healthcare industry has experienced sound growth since decades, progressively changing in time with developments in medical technology and advanced procedures. For any person caught up in healthcare, from a heart surgeon to a clinical nurse, synchronizing with advancements in the healthcare is vital to facilitate the best available care to patients.

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Define Medico Marketing

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Medico-Marketing is an exchange of drug information among drug manufacturing company and the recommending doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist or with the end user. The intention behind this data exchange is to describe the pharmaceutical company’s products and how it will benefit the patient community in diagnosis or management of the human ailments.

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Launch of New Courses

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Following the tremendous success of clinical research courses and the appreciation received from the industry, looking at the demand for trained professionals in the drug development and healthcare industry, James Lind Institute is pleased to announce the launch of new courses to cater to the needs of both these sectors. JLI announces the launch of […]