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Define Medico Marketing

Medico-Marketing is an exchange of drug information among drug manufacturing company and the recommending doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist or with the end user. The intention behind this data exchange is to describe the pharmaceutical company’s products and how it will benefit the patient community in diagnosis or management of the human ailments.

The information exchange is potentially aimed at closing a sale. However, the sales process must be defined carefully as the product can also be unsafe if used mistakenly.

The World Health Organization explains pharmaceutical sale promotion as “all information and persuasive activities taken up by pharmaceutical companies and distributors, trying to show effect on the recommendation, supply, purchase, and/or use of medical drugs”.

The impact of Medico-Marketing mainly depends upon the approaches or strategies implemented for selling. A competent marketing management hangs upon formulation of objective, identification of a target group, developing a road map to attain the goal and analysis of marketing plan at periodic intervals for calculating the progress.

Drug manufactures make the most of two main streams of marketing strategies: 1) push stream and 2) pull stream. Push stream strategy will try to influence decision maker’s (physician’s) behavior by means of promotional items like explaining, drug sampling, conferences, medical meetings, journal articles, journal advertising etc.

Advertisements are critical for circulating information on medicines to doctors and are prominently used by drug manufactures for promotion of their pharma products. The drug Information provided on commercials should be of high quality and must not be incorrect or inflated. Advertisements which inflate the benefits of drugs and tend to be lenient in projecting potential risks relating to drugs, may lead to hazardous side effects.

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