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Medical Copywriters: A Modern Twist to Medical Writing

Medical Copywriter JLI

Medical writers and Medical Copywriters have a thin line separating their careers as medical writers essentially make scientific knowledge simpler for consumers in general be it in forms of medical literature whereas Medical copywriters make the medical information elementary in the world of advertisement. Thus the only fcat that separates them is their creative streak.

Medical writer is a perfect mix of scientific knowledge and creative writing. A medical writer essentially covers various health care topics and makes it simpler as well as textually creative. However a medical writer needs to always bear in mind that the individuals browsing their articles are not necessarily experts and hence the medical jargon needs to be at its minimum with all the factual information correct as well as simplified to make it an interesting read.

Skills of a Medical Writer

A Medical writer without medical knowledge will not only have a tough time understanding the concepts and the medical technicalities but may also falter when it comes to assessing the genuineness of a source. It’s imperative that a writer has a sound medical background with finesse for writing. Versatility of a writer at contriving the medical technicalities into a straightforward draft for the consumers without any medical background and at the same time the efficiency of communicating precise technicalities to the medical professional is an essential trademark. It’s obligatory that an individual is innovative, constantly evolving and open to criticism and at the same having unconventional concepts giving him that creative streak. To be a team player is another trait as without the team of graphic designers your words will not come into life. The visual aspect is also of utmost importance as it gives wings to your words.

Modern twist to Medical Writing

Medical copywriters are talented people creating novel content for advertising, marketing texts for drugs and healthcare providers. They primarily work on print or visual advertisements for introducing new drugs, techniques and devices to be used by healthcare professionals. The advent of new drugs and their marketing especially for the consumers is the other aspect a medical writer needs to look into. Thus a medical writer in an advertising world needs to match up to deadlines, the exciting and creative world of advertising with their persuasive yet snazzy catch-lines. A medical copywriter brings out a brands strategy in focus with their words and the graphic designers with their visuals thereby creating a perfect blend of creativity. Medical copywriter’s job is demanding and revolves around concocting and pitching multiple creative boards for pharmaceutical giants within a very limited timeframe as the pharmaceutical industry is like a ticking time bomb looking for immediate solutions.

How to make a career in Medical Writing?

James Lind Institute provides intensive programs for professionals who would like to opt for the surging opportunities as a medical writer. Pharmaceutical companies, Publication houses, news portals, advertising agencies are looking for professionals with scientific expertise to regulate, draft and format medical documents as per their target needs. The institute offers recognized online courses which are convenient for professionals presently employed at various other sectors by providing extensive medical writing program to develop expertise of high caliber in the field of medical writing.

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