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Clinical Translational Research

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A micro-segmentation of the research enterprise along with drying up drug pipelines and piling up of un-translated basic science discoveries has prompted all the stakeholders of innovation towards development of translational medicine tools for efficacious and expedited entry of products to the market. Clinical trials are important and have lately come under scrutiny for their […]

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Pharmaceutical Medicine Training Programs

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Pharmaceutical medicine is a much valued scientific discipline deals with the discovery/invention, development, assessment, registration, scrutinize and medical aspects of commercialization of medicines for the benefit of sufferers and the health of the human population. Pharmaceutical medicine training programs are gaining ground and the traditional universities are now focussing on interdisciplinary approach of handling the […]

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Online Pharmaceutical Medicine Training

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Online Pharmaceutical Medicine Training: Pharmaceutical medicine is the therapeutic scientific stream closely linked to the finding, advancement, assessment, registration, monitoring and therapeutic aspects of promoting medicines for the benefit of patients and the wellbeing of the population.