Bright Career Opportunities After Pharm.D (A Doctor of Pharmacy) – Pharmacovigilance as a Drug Safety Associate

Scope of Pharm.D in India

Indian pharmacy education took a big leap in the year 2008 with The Pharmacy Council of India recognizing the Pharm.D program. This was a move to standardize pharmacy education in India and make it at par with international standards. Numerous universities and colleges in India have launched the Pharm.D program; however the road to success is a steep one with this higher degree program.

The Pharmaceutical industry including the allied sectors like the clinical research enterprise and pharmacovigilance companies have become a safe haven for young Pharm.D professionals, till the pharmacy sector becomes more compatible and mature to absorb the strengths and merits of this highly advanced training program.

Job Opportunities After Pharm.D

On the other hand the pharmacovigilance industry always struggles for qualified medical talent which suits to the needs of the drug safety enterprise. Jobs after Pharm.D could be many however the pharmacovigilance positions have the potential to take you to greater heights of the management enterprise. Albeit a lucrative career few mainstream physicians opt for a career in pharmacovigilance making ample room for the doctorate level educated Pharm.D candidates.

To immediately be compatible to the pharmacovigilance industry James Lind Institute runs many specialized programs in Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoepidemiology, Clinical Data Management and Medical Writing.

These JLI programs are sure to sharpen the skills of a Pharm.D student to make a mark in the Pharmacovigilance industry.

More details are available here: Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance

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