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Careers in Healthcare Risk Management

Hospitals spend huge amounts of money every year on insurance and healthcare malpractice claims. Thus, health care units regularly hire health care risk managers to mitigate the risk of human errors, mishaps and other adverse happenings. These middle level administrators work closely with other managers and must have a comprehensive knowledge of hospital practices and procedures. Above and beyond hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and rehabilitation units also hire health care risk managers. Careers in healthcare risk management will surely provide rich dividends if handled meticulously.

Health care risk managers toil every day with other healthcare staff to evaluate latent risks. They may attend phone calls about patient grievances or accusations of neglect or inattention. Data is also compiled and is accessed to realize problems or weak spots in healthcare procedures. The health care risk manager must further document and submit reports to the suitable authorities and agencies.

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of jobs for health care risk managers should grow nearly 25 percent for from 2010 to 2020, above the 15 percent anticipated escalation rate for all other professions.

A bachelor’s education in an allied sector is needed for a job in health care risk management. Some common modules include accounting, health care administration, finance, law or insurance. Knowledge is required pertaining to hospital procedures and policies, as well as legislative policies. Apparently, a nursing or additional healthcare background is also good grounding for this career.

Health care risk managers at hospitals earned the highest pay of the employers surveyed by Bureau of Labor Statistics. Careers in healthcare risk management are proving to be promising around the globe and the present need is alarming and very exciting.

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