Clinical Data Management

Clinical Data Management (CDM) Training Programs and Demands

Clinical Data Management (CDM) Training Programs and Demands

Clinical Data Management Training :- Clinical data managers, set up and monitor the information and facts that researchers obtain throughout clinical trial conduct of pharmaceuticals and other health-related treatments. They must have extensive understanding of applicable regulatory, guidelines regarding pharmaceutical drug research.

Clinical Data Management Training Needs and Advice

Clinical data management workforce will generally have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a health-related discipline, working experience & in some cases professional diploma in clinical data management. Specific educational requirements vary by employer to employer, although most prefer graduate-level education in the biological or life sciences along with professional training in clinical data management (CDM). Such positions require extensive knowledge of clinical trials and associated regulations and training on Clinical data management tools/software like Oracle Clinical.

Formal Education

Clinical data management training heavily emphasizes on ethics in research as well as the regulatory aspects of clinical data collection, oracle clinical software training and drug development process. Diploma in clinical data management is a much preferred program to prepare graduates for suiting the industry requirements.

Diploma in Clinical Data Management

Diploma in clinical data management generally complete in 6-8 months through online mode. The program includes clinical trial lifecycle, clinical study design, clinical research methodologies, regulatory issues, biostatistics, ethics and database management. Those currently working in a biomedical field or as clinical trials staff are generally eligible to enroll.


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