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The need for clinical research associates (CRA’s) in global pharmaceutical industry is high and thus the probability of getting an excellent job is also high. Clinical Research as an industry thrives for more Clinical Research Associate (CRA) personnel that need to be trained to be a part of the drug discovery and development processes & monitor human subjects during clinical trials. It requires knowledge of clinical research as an industry, the way it functions & approaches the regulatory authorities for approval of a drug to be marketed. If you are thought-processing a career in clinical research after you complete your formal bachelors or masters degree, one is required to select a career where you are absorbed as Clinical Research Associate (CRA). The Clinical research associate salary is another feature that attracts a life science/pharmacy graduates into an exciting prospective career.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA) are employed by several other companies that are involved in drug discovery and development or either they outsource the work to other companies called contract research organizations (CRO’s) as they work with a range of trained personnel in a variety of positions.

Clinical Research Associate accounts in sustaining Clinical study management to provide quality and monitoring of multiple site assignments that must be in compliance to Good Clinical Practices, the Investigator’s must ensure conformity with protocol, study timelines & procedures at trial sites and must be in agreement with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

The Clinical Research Associates (CRA) can expect a good remuneration at the start than any professional jobs. Clinical research associate salary in UK ranges from starting salaries of  £18,000-£22,000 pa  and Salaries with five years’ or more experience ranges from £25,000-£40,000 per annum. In US the salaries ranges from $ 2800 to 10,000 per month basing on the experience. The pay scale in India may vary in between 10,000 to 20,000 INR and gradually increases with prior experience at a faster rate.

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