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Clinical Research Associate Training

What is the role of a Clinical Research Associate in Trial conduct?

Clinical Research Associate Training : –A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) plays a key role in the design, planning, preparation, implementation and review of a clinical trial conduct to ensure it sticks to applicable regulatory and ethical standards. CRA’s also help in communicating research findings/clinical trial data to the research community.

Why should one aim for a Clinical Research Associate Job?

Clinical Research Associates (CRA) have a say in clinical studies that have a major impact on health care, such as developing new drugs, and testing new treatment devices and interventions. Considerable developments in these areas and mounting regulatory requirements have augmented the demand for well trained CRA’s.

Job Opportunities

Clinical research is a swiftly expanding field, creating exhilarating opportunities for trained professionals. Passed-outs of this program are engaged in both the healthcare sector and research/pharma industries, and can migrate to management roles. CRAs work in a wide range of research programs.

How long does the training program last?

James Lind Institute’s Clinical Research Associate training program is offered online. Study is self-paced, and can complete the program in a span of six months. After successful completion, students will be awarded a certificate in Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research.

Program Joining Date

Programs for the Clinical Research Associate Program are provided quite a few times throughout the year. Many learners wish to take these classes for interest only. In order avail the program and be provided a degree, students must fulfill the admission requirements as published with supporting credentials.

Pre-requisites for Admission

Admission pre-requisites to the Postgraduate diploma in clinical research program are a Bachelor of Science, bachelor in pharmacy, Life science graduate, MBBS or Registered Nurse.

Please Note:

Candidates who fail to fulfill the above specifications, but with relevant experience in an appropriate research area, will be evaluated on an individual basis. Experience letter from the immediate reporting authority in the current organization and the resume covering the current area of work is sufficient to complete the formalities.apply_now

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