Clinical Research

Clinical Research Course in Egypt

Clinical Research business is a growing industry in the middle east. Having explored the benefits of conducting clinical trials in developing nations such as Latin America, India and China, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies actively involved in conducting clinical research are now getting attracted towards the middle east as a destination to outsource clinical trials.

This has resulted in an increase in the number of hospitals and private clinics that conduct human research phases of drug development in Egypt. This increase has also led to availability of more jobs and career options in the area of human research / clinical research. Still in a nascent stage this industry is looking for professionals especially medical doctors and pharmacy graduates who are trained in clinical research and allied specialities who can take charge and be in control of the ongoing human research. The clinical research industry in Egypt is looking for professionals who have documented evidence of training in clinical research and can efficiently conduct clinical trials as per the local and international guidelines and regulations available for conducting clinical trials.

If you are a doctor / physician / pharmacy or any other science background student from Egypt, you must explore clinical research as a career option. Globally recognized online training programs in clinical research offered by James Lind Institute in Egypt are great value addition professional development programs that add immense value to your personal profile and also equip you with the skills and knowledge that is expected of clinical research professionals. We encourage you to contact us to know more about clinical research and how online training programs can help you shape up your career and research aspirations.

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