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A number of Clinical Research Institutes in India offer training in clinical research. Some of them have been operating for a number of years, some of them quite recent and some are very new. Not only does the age of these institutes vary, but also the mode of training they offer varies from one institute to another. Some institutes are purely only training providers whereas some of them are contract research organizations that have developed industry oriented training programs. These training institutes normally offer full time, part time, correspondence or online courses and every student as per his/her requirements or understanding decides to take up one or the other course. The question however is: Are you making the right choice? Do you thoroughly understand what kind of clinical research course best suits your requirements? How much time are you going to invest? and last but not the least, how much money are you going to invest in getting trained?…
James Lind Institute offers you a number of clinical research and healthcare related courses so you can increase the chances of getting a job in your domain of interest, or advance your career to higher positions in your organization faster than the average employee. If you are a fresher, taking up a course from James Lind Institute will by many times increase your likelihood of getting that job in the clinical research industry that you always wanted.
By now you must be thinking how JLI is different and better compared to other institutes providing clinical research training in India especially looking at a very high number of institutes offering training in this domain. Let us go through this step by step.
One of the very first differentiating features of James Lind Institute is that it is an educational division of a Contract Research Organization (CRO) called Clinexa Life Sciences that specializes in conducting Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials in India and abroad. You want to work in the clinical research industry, right? What better than getting trained by the industry itself?
Talking about the mode via which JLI training is imparted, it is worthwhile to mention that JLI is the first clinical research institute in India to introduce innovative concepts like blended learning and internships in clinical research to increase the understanding of key concepts from a student’s point of view. JLI provides students with a seamless learning environment to improve student’s learning experience irrespective of whether the student is online or full time. James Lind Institute offers online courses in a state-of-the-art virtual campus with a 24×7 access to study material, faculty and fellow students. All our online students feel no need of attending full time programs because of the degree of interactivity that exists in our virtual campus. So the point is, irrespective of the mode of learning that you opt for, be it full time or online, with JLI you can expect courses nothing less than the highest standard.
James Lind Institute does not only focus on providing you knowledge about the subjects that you study. JLI is one of the very few clinical research institutes in India that equally emphasizes on developing your overall personality so that you shine amongst the candidates that may have been called for an interview by the way you communicate and present yourself. The personality development modules of all our courses have been highly appreciated by students as it equips them with new communication skills expected in a qualified professional.
James Lind Institute offers placement support as well to all students. JLI has a dedicated student success team which is comprised of senior industry professionals who by their contacts help students get placed in various organizations.
JLI also provides a dedicated mentor to online students to help them with career guidance. The mentor can be contacted at any time by phone or email.
All online courses offered by JLI are self paced and can be completed by students very fast. Certificate courses can be completed in as less as 4 months, PG diploma’s in about 6 months and advanced diplomas in about 8 months. Students can log in any time they want to study and complete their assigned lectures and assignments. This flexibility empowers students to study at their own pace and allows them to complete the course in minimum possible time.
Ok, I see, but the courses must be expensive! I can guess that this is what you are thinking. Well, that’s not true. The most important and attractive feature about online courses offered by JLI is the affordability. James Lind Institute empowers students by providing training programs at very affordable fees. Being a part of a contract research organization allows JLI to keep its fee as low as possible, yet without compromising on the quality of training imparted.
Visit the James Lind Institute website here and browse through all pages to know more about benefits and the value for money that JLI offers to students across the globe which makes JLI one of the most preferred Institute for clinical research training in India and abroad.

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