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Healthcare and Hospital Management Institutes in Tanzania

Experienced and well informed human resources are the moral fiber of any healthcare establishment. But many of the developing countries like Tanzania are prone to human resource crunch due to healthcare employees’ shortages, migration of skilled personnel to developed countries and lack of sufficient training. Great emphasis has therefore to be placed on human resource development. Healthcare Management Institutes in Tanzania is scanty and not well knit to tackle the training requirements as a whole.

Many health workers were forced to tackle cases for which they were not trained. To make best use of their usefulness, health care employees must be trained when needed, motivated and supported.

The Health Sector Reforms have highlighted the need for strengthening the state support systems for human resource, finance, healthcare equipment & infrastructure, patient and drugs & supplies management. Any course in Healthcare management in Tanzania will train the personnel in the above listed topics in an elaborative manner.

Healthcare Management Institutes in Tanzania are highly localized and concentrated in a few cosmopolitan pockets of the country. The online training providers must have to be encouraged for a well distributed education along the length and breadth of the country. James Lind Institute is providing self-paced online quality training since last decade with an intention to cater the training needs across the globe.

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