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How to Write a Book – Part 1

You are Ready to Write a Book

This article series offers a set of guidelines for anyone who feels ready to write a book. Do not use these writings as the only source of information when doing your research. Read a lot and read different writer’s opinions to get a well-rounded education on the best way to get your book written. There is no one right way. Every writer is going to have different ideas of the best way to do something. Each editor will have different expectations, as well. Keep those things in mind as you begin your writing journey.

Once you decide to write a book you may want to ask yourself why you want to write. Examining your motive is a very important part of the writing process. Believing that writing a book will take you to a new place, or out of an old place, may not be the right motivation for writing a book. People have romantic ideas about writing and writers.

In the movies the writer locks herself away in a cozy country cottage and hammers away for six months, ending up with a New York Times best seller. This process takes less than two hours. Or there is the young muscular bad-boy who moves in next door for the summer to write a book. After a torrid affair with the mistress of the house and a violent break-up he is flung to the streets to find another place to begin his book again. Both of these scenarios sound great but they are not very realistic.

Writing a book will not save your business either. If you don’t have a successful business, writing a book will only reinforce that. The time and energy you need to write a book should be put to better use building your business. After your business is a success then you can think about writing a book.

The best reasons for wanting to write a book are: 1, having a passion for your topic 2, having a need to share your passion 3, practical experience

Let’s look at these a little closer. Passion is not just a part-time pass-time. Passion consumes you. When you feel a passion for something it is always on your mind. You can be at your regular job, but in the back of your mind you can find your passion just waiting for a spare minute to sneak to the forefront. This is what we mean by passion. There is a difference between, “I love ice cream.” And “Ice cream is my world. I know how to make seven different kinds of ice cream. I have invented 36 more flavors than Baskin Robins.” It is obvious that the latter has a passion for ice cream. The former may eat a bowl of ice cream a few times a week, when he’s not on a diet.

Teaching is another reason people write books. They feel so strongly about their passion that they want to share it with the world. They have a message that needs to be told. Sharing their passion with as many people as possible becomes a mission. They have received so much happiness from their passion that they want to share it with everyone else by spreading the word.

Experience is the last of the three main reasons people write books.. Once you have really lived something you can write about it. Know the inside-outs of your subject. If you write after doing a little research and not actually experiencing something yourself, people will feel it. They will know it is not authentic and that you are not an authoritative author.

Now you have an idea of what motivation is all about. You know why someone decides to write a book. It’s not that some people don’t have other reasons. It is just that usually those people don’t finish their book. They start out with good intentions but don’t get past chapter three. Rather than saying, “I’ve always thought I have a book in me.” Try examining your true purpose for wanting to write. Do you feel you have a passion for your topic? Do you have a need to share your passion with the world? Are you experienced in your subject and feel you can offer value to your reader? Then you may actually have a book in you.

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