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PG Diploma in Clinical Research

Clinical research is a well thought-out process of evaluating and exploring theories and facts as applied to the human subjects and state of affairs encountered in trial conduct. It also includes a methodical study of novel drugs in human volunteers to produce data for evaluating or verifying the pharmacological, clinical (including pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic) or adverse effects with the purpose of ascertaining efficacy and safety and of the new chemical entity. A PG Diploma in Clinical Research is one of the most popular training programs among individuals who wish to make clinical research their career.
It is imperative that personnel involved in this kind of scientific and procedure intensive job has received sufficient quality training to take on this profession as a career. Clinical research training is becoming a prerequisite as the exposure to evolving global regulatory requirements and guidelines always throws fresh challenges.
It is well established that corporate companies are not just awestruck by the subject related information of the interviewee but also seriously appraise the communication abilities and problem solving skills. Institutes offering courses in basic or Professional PG Diploma in Clinical Research must collectively take-up the challenge of imparting both the relevant subject knowledge and personality development skills.
Courses pertaining to PG Diploma in Clinical Research by James Lind Institute are deliberated basically for fresh graduates in medicine, life sciences, pharmacy, clinical nurses and also for working professionals who intend kick start their careers as a clinical researcher.

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