Pharmacovigilance Careers: Course, Qualification & Salary in India

Pharmacovigialnce Course Qualification salary India

Availability of skilled resources and minimum operating costs favour job opportunities in pharmacovigilance in India. 

Pharmacovigilance Career

The implementation of quality pharmacovigilance systems is growing in the healthcare sector in India. With the pharmaceutical companies competing with each other to develop innovative medicinal products, it is important to train the workforce in various aspects of pharmacovigilance and drug regulatory affairs. Attractive and handsome packages are being offered to trained professionals in pharmacovigilance practice with increasing high demand in pharma companies which ensures good career prospects in this field. Challenging job roles with good rewards are open to competent candidates in pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations (CROs) across the world. Regulatory and drug safety consultancies face high volume of work which ensures career development in pharmacovigilance.

A career in pharmacovigilance revolves around providing analytical and comprehensive medical safety services including assessment of expectedness and drug-ADR associations; casualty assessment; medical evaluation; case narratives and processing; data mining and signal detection; medication error related activities and other specialized services. Specializations in pharmacovigilance include safety administration and evaluation, data collection and organization, regulatory submissions, data mining and toxic signal identification. Qualified applicants can apply for the pharmacovigilance position of drug safety officer or executive, surveillance safety officer, pharmacovigilance associate, regulatory affairs associate, medical safety director, regulatory submission specialists, safety administrators or specialists.

Pharmacovigilance Courses 

The primary goal of certificate and diploma courses in pharmacovigilance is to ensure awareness of adverse effects of drugs and implementation of quality systems among professionals in pharmaceutical companies. The courses provide pharmacovigilance curriculum with job-oriented specialised training programs designed as per the requirements of the industry. Pharmacovigilance training by expert faculty members with practical experience and understanding of theoretical aspects benefits the students. Essential skill sets in medical coding and scientific writing along with basic understanding of medical terminologies and regulatory compliance are provided in courses available at James Lind Institute (JLI).

Qualification & Salary in India 

Pharmacy, bio-science and medical experts or doctors can pursue a career in regulatory consultancies, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organisations. The basic qualifications for a career in pharmacovigilance include undergraduate or graduate degree in pharmacy, human or veterinary medicine, nursing, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology or allied health sciences. Professionals are employed in areas of data management, medical writing, drug regulatory affairs, pharma business analytics, biostatistics and other processes of health science.

Entry level job of Drug Safety or Pharmacovigilance professionals are involved in case creation, minimum safety information checks of adverse event of suspected drug in a patient, follow-up and reconciliation process, data entry and medical coding of all available and documented information.  Drug Safety Associates with a pharmacy degree can get around 6 – 8 lakhs annually. Drug Safety Physicians with post-graduates degree can earn more than 18 lakh while graduate doctors get around 12 lakhs annually. Clinical database administrator, technical programmer or developer can get more than 60,000/- per month. 

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance to develop a successful career in pharmacovigilance.

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