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Principal Investigator Training in India

Principal Investigators are the main pillars in every clinical trial. The principal investigators hold the overall responsibility for everything that takes place at their site with respect to the clinical trial. They may delegate some of their responsibilities to other qualified and trained research staff but they are still responsible for the overall work that takes place in the trial. Principal investigators conduct the informed consent process with the patient and explain the study in detail, they take care of the study specific visits and conduct procedures such as physical examination, collecting vital sign data, among many other tasks. It is important for a principal investigator to be well versed with the clinical trial protocol and applicable guidelines and regulations such as those of Indian DCGI, US FDA etc in order to successfully conduct the clinical trial.

James Lind Institute (JLI) conducts a robust Online Principal Investigator Training that trains physicians on critical clinical research concepts important for physicians to work as Principal Investigators. It provides an overview of the drug development process, various stages in the conduct of clinical trials, the role of principal investigators, principles of ICH GCP, financial management among many other topics. This principal investigator training program is followed by site-set up support wherein JLI provides comprehensive support to physicians to develop a clinical trial site compliant to all required regulations and guidelines. JLI also facilitates the physician to join various SMO and investigator networks to market their clinical trial site and to get research projects. To know more about this online training program please visit the following link:

Principal Investigator Training in India

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