Medical & Scientific Writing

Purpose of Scientific & Medical Writing

The main objective of medical and scientific writing is to record data. Without a written record of the findings and observations of researchers, no proof exists that any research was conducted by them, and valuable information obtained after a lot of effort may be lost. This may result in many experiments getting repeated, simply because there is no record of the data. Needless to say, this negligence has adverse impacts on the efficiency of sharing scientific knowledge.

Presenting vast and complex information as clear and well-structured texts is one of the main challenges of medical and scientific writing. It is a skill that requires not only knowledge of the scientific field but also practice in writing. Uncertainties about the required style and format of scientific papers may delay publication of important findings.

Writers must keep in mind that medical and scientific writing differs markedly from literary writing. While literary writing is an art based on principles of personal style, fiction, and originality, good scientific writing is a craft that builds on clear communication of scientifically researched facts.

The beauty of medical and scientific writing is its ability to express the most complex concepts in clear words and to point out the beauty of science without distracting decoration. Although we would all agree that the beauty of science is in the science itself, not in the language used to describe it, we have to accept that a confusing account of our findings will not do justice to the science that lies behind it.

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