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Scientific Writing Courses

Scientific Writing Courses :- Modern technological discoveries leave a huge gap between society and the brilliance of scientific expertise; and  skilled scientific writers help narrow that gap.

Scientific writing means writing about science, technology and medicine, for wide-ranging readers. Scientific writing appears in newspapers, magazines, internet, books, medical journals etc. Scientific writers may, or may not, hold academic degrees in science, medicine or engineering. A well established scientific writer may have a basic degree in journalism or may be science or medical degree or even pharmacy. The proper presentation of the writing makes a lasting impact on the readers. This is where a training program helps. It enables you to transform yourself into a successful scientific writer.

The online courses offered by James Lind Institute aim to lay bare the writing process and strengthen the basics of competent scientific writing. The course focuses principally on the practice of writing and publishing scientific documents.

The course is suitable for experienced professionals as well as recent graduates of life science, pharmacy, medical and clinical fellows who desire to learn the art of medical / scientific writing.

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