Public health administration

Scope of Public Health Training in African Countries – Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia

What is Public Health?

Good health is always the essence of a human’s over all well-being. It is linked to the human capacity to contribute to development. Public Health is a science that identifies the cause of the disease and aims at implementing the solution on a large-scale basis. Studying the cause of the issue rather than just treating the issue is the aim of Public health. Public health conducts scientific research while educating the public and bringing awareness about good health practices. They aim to protect people by making them live within good health conditions.Vaccination is one of the commendable approach public health brings in to children and adults by preventing them from vulnerable or life-threatening diseases.

Public health also brings awareness of the harmful effects of usage of alcohol and tobacco and educates them regarding the consequences of it. They also record outbreaks of diseases and work on prevention with the public making them understand the reason for such outbreaks and encourage them to stay healthy. They show compassion towards the public by focusing on mainly poorer conditions of society via various channels like radio, televisions, advertisements to bring awareness.

Need for Public Health Professionals in African regions?

Today globally we see a lot of attention given by Public health towards chronic or epidemic diseases just, to make the world a better place to live in.There are many countries around the world which needs a little more focus than the rest. Africa is one such country which is plagued with poverty and incurable health crisis. Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia are some of the places within which needs more emphasis. They need training towards the management of a healthy living. HIV, malaria and tuberculosis are some of the devastating disease’s seen in the history. The deepening poverty in these places has shown a direct impact on ill-health. The need for trained public health professional is quite significant in such health deprived places. There is a continual need for people with good health expertise and skills who could create a healthy environment via various initiatives.

Career in Public Health

Due to constant need for public health around such places, there is so much demand and scope in public health sector with diverse opportunities for aspiring professionals to pursue in. There are many fields under public health where one would choose to make a career like, Epidemiologists, health educators, scientists and researcher, social workers, nurses, physicians etc are some of them.Many public health sectors are in consistent need for trained professionals. Many institutes around provide such training. The James Lind Institute is one such establishment which delivers appropriate training, understanding and guidance in sharpening their skills. Advanced PG Diploma in Public Health Research offers a wide range of educational program that help to strengthen their skills on public health. Importance is also given on public health administration which includes human resource planning and management, finance and also the understanding of the roles and responsibilities in it.  The course is an online mode of study. Once the student enrolls into this program she/he is expected to complete the course within 6-8 months however the course is self-paced with the maximum duration of 24 months.

To know more about this program please visit the following link: DIPLOMA IN PUBLIC HEALTH

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