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Translational Medicine Training Programs

Translational medicine can be defined as investigations in human subjects which describe the biology of disease and offer the scientific basis for development of novel or effective therapies for human disease based on interventional epidemiology. It amalgamates research from the fundamental, social and political sciences with the objective of fine tuning the patient care and pre-emptive measures which may extend further than medical services. Henceforth translational medicine training programs are extensive and cover aspects pertaining to more than on science.

 In brief, it is the practice of turning highly valued scientific discoveries into novel drugs and medical devices that can be utilized in addressing human sufferings. Translational research is the foundation for translational medicine. It is a method which has shown the way from evidence based medicine to appropriate solutions for general health problems.

The objective of translational medicine/research is to improve the wellbeing and longevity of the global population and depends on building set of scholars and scientists who are capable enough to concentrate on their efforts to connect fundamental scientific discoveries with clinical investigation, and translating the outcomes of clinical studies into changes in healthcare practice, informed by confirmation from the political and social sciences.

Translational medicine training programs includes efficient training in the pre-clinical phase of new targets and promising leads, clinical pharmacology, the regulatory procedures, and design & conduct of the first-in-human clinical studies. In addition, it includes topics pertaining to successful development of new drugs or methodologies for societal importance.

Translational medicine training programs are suitable for fresh graduates of biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, biology, biomedical science and engineering, medicine, pharmacology, nursing, pharmacy, statistics, physiology, toxicology or people with relevant experience who wish to get into a novel and innovative field.

Duly trained breed of scientist/professional will be proficient in evolving at experimental designs and clinical trial management, protocol development/initiation, data management & analysis, regulatory submission procedures and legislations pertaining to ethical research.

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