Clinical Data Management

Clinical Data Management course and career in India

Clinical Data Management Course Career India

India is associated with huge number of clinical experts; quick patient enrolment process; large pool of subjects; low cost and better management tools or databases, thus, offering better job opportunities in the field of clinical data management.

Clinical Data Management Courses

Data management includes data validation and storage; data privacy, data processing and protection; good record keeping; destroying unwanted data; and sharing reliable data in a user-friendly and timely accessible manner. Proper clinical data management standards can ensure faster commercialization and competitive edge. Data security protects thefts and loss of vital data which needs to be properly managed and stored within the organization.  Data management professionals need to handle system resources or performance issues; develop the design and implement appropriate data collection database; and provide service maintenance. The knowledge of regulatory data standards and procedures is essential in clinical data management to meet the increasing demand of regulatory requirements.

Understanding the clinical data management process and tools involved while managing the standards of clinical data can improve data quality. Training of clinical professionals with regulatory compliant data management tools is critical to meet expected standards and data quality. Clinical management course available at James Lind Institute provides thorough understanding of the drug development process; extensive knowledge of ICH-GCP and clinical trial regulations along with good computer, excellent leadership and record keeping skills, problem solving and time management skills. The professionals are updated on rapidly changing technology or technological developments which positively impact the data management process and systems.

Clinical Data management Career in India

Clinical data management involves collection, integration and handling of statistically high-quality data at an affordable cost. The different medical, clinical and pharmaceutical data of various research projects are collaboratively managed by team members of an organization.  This includes responsibility for securing data created, managed, processed and stored by a company. Management of captured data and data flow process is important in clinical data management. Security and management of clinical research data needs to be ensured along with support confidence in data propagated, public health protected and research conclusions assured. This can further ensure faster drug development process and high-quality systems for generation of good quality data for accurate drug evaluation.

The market is expected to grow with driving factors like continuing technological advancements and globalization of clinical trials. The challenging environment is sustainable for professionally trained personnel having theoretical and practical knowledge assured to succeed in this industry. There are course available for graduates and post graduates willing to pursue clinical data management as a career choice. Medical, dental, pharmacy, life science, physiotherapy, nursing, paramedical science and biochemistry aspirants can pursue a career in clinical data management to acquire positions of clinical data manager, database administrator or programmer. These professionals are involved in various procedures of designing Case Report Form (CRF) annotation; data entry and validation; medical coding and database locking. A clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities are essential along with theoretical knowledge on regulatory guidelines including data validation, data reconciliation and management; data management workflow and plan; and other essential elements of clinical data management.

Online Data Management Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Advance PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Data management for better job opportunities in the clinical research industry.  

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