Career Opportunities and courses in Pharmacovigilance

Career Opportunities and Courses in Pharmacovigilance In India

Pharmacovigilance: An overview

Pharmacovigilance deals with prevention of any adverse reaction caused by a pharmaceutical product. It is primarily drug safety related to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of the adverse effects. A large number of drugs are withdrawn or banned in the market as a result of the work done in this field. Due to the large amount of research being conducted and outsourced to the developing countries like India, Thailand, Srilanka the opportunities for work are plenty and drug safety is gaining global importance as a result of the stringent laws and regulations by pharmaceutical bodies. Thus opening avenues to a large scale. With opportunities in clinical trials, industries and research institutes for monitoring and studying the adverse effects of drugs. Thus when a side effect is reported pharmacovigilance experts collect the relevant data and probe similar cases and at times assess potential cases to gather relevant data and report the same to regulatory authorities.

Qualification required for pursuing a Pharmacovigilance course:

Should be a graduate from field of life sciences such as biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry or a nursing, pharmacy or medical degree.

Scope of Pharmacovigilance in India:

India being one of the largest producers of pharmaceuticals in the world, licensed drug manufacturers is looking to hire pharmacovigilnace professionals. Top recruiting companies like Dr Reddy’s lab, Johnson & Johnson, Cipla, Reliance life sciences along with many others will provide relevant opportunities even biotech companies,regulatory authorities are looking for trained professionals.. An individual initially starts as Drug safety Associate and after a few years experience as Drug Safety Scientist followed by a Team leader or Manager. The progress to managerial or specialist roles primarily depends on an extensive knowledge in a specialty such as medical writing, auditing, medical affairs or quality assurance.  Thus to have a flourishing career path it’s recommended for individuals to seek a focussed course in Pharmacovigilance.

Course offered in pharmacovigilance:

James Lind Institute provides various intensive courses – Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance, Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research and quality Assurance, Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance and quality assurance for  professionals who would like to opt for various opportunities  in different sectors of pharmacovigilance starting from global companies to local drug companies providing research and development in  both traditional and conventional medicines.

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