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Clinical Research / Clinical Trials Training Course in Bangladesh

As more and more sponsor companies from the US and EU are outsourcing clinical trials to developing countries, Bangladesh as a country has a great potential to be one of the leading clinical trial markets. Looking at the success of India, China, Thailand and other neighboring countries in this region that have been actively involved in clinical trials, Bangladesh too can open itself up to the concept of clinical trials and gradually progress to be as good a place to conduct clinical trials as other countries.
Bangladesh has a very large treatment naive patient population for all therapeutic areas, be it oncology, diabetes, infectious diseases etc and has hospitals and high quality private clinics spanned throughout the country. The majority of physicians in Bangladesh are English speaking making it more attractive a place to conduct clinical trials.
The government of Bangladesh needs to understand the ethical concerns in conducting clinical trials and to protect the rights, welfare and safety of study subjects, it needs to enforce that guidelines such as the ICH GCP are followed. It is also a good thing to have a country specific law regarding conduct of clinical trials (such as the Schedule-Y in India) which must be based on the ICH GCP guidelines so that clinical trial data generated from Bangladesh is globally acceptable.
Challenge faced by Bangladesh is the lack of awareness about clinical trials/clinical research and the lack of understanding of difference between clinical practice and clinical trials. In nutshell, lack of trained clinical research professionals is a barrier in the progress of Bangladesh with regards to clinical research.
A number of companies and research institutes are willing to work in the Bangladesh market provided that they find trained professionals and expertise in the region. James Lind Institute offers this unique opportunity to physicians, science and pharmacy background students to get trained in clinical research by the method of online learning. James Lind Institute brings to you experienced faculty from India and abroad and a highly user friendly learning environment with cutting edge technology for effective learning.
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