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Clinical Research Training Course in Rwanda, Botswana, Nigeria

Clinical Research business is gradually growing in the African Continent. Though clinical trials have been conducted in developed nations such as South Africa for a number of years now, but the focus is now shifting in Africa from developed nations to developing nations such as Nigeria, Rwanda, Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other Central African countries.
A need for trained professionals who specialize in clinical research is strongly felt in these nations. Non availability of good training providers with years of experience is also a reason why it is hard to find trained clinical research staff. Courses in clinical research can be a great value addition to people actively involved in medical research, people working in hospitals and pharmacy graduates. A number of physicians can also benefit by taking up specialized courses in clinical research. Clinexa Life Sciences (a contract research organization) and James Lind Institutes initiative to increase the awareness of clinical trials in developing countries such as Nigeria, Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe etc, and to make high quality clinical research training readily available to interested candidates in these nations has led us to create a highly optimal online learning environment to facilitate and make the whole learning process highly effective. James Lind Institute welcomes students from developing African nations and does not consider them to be international students. This means that they get to enjoy the same benefits as local students and even the same program fee.
If you are interested in taking up an online clinical research course please feel free to contact us on the online chat support, or send an email to For more information about James Lind Institute and the courses offered please visit the main page of the website by clicking HERE.

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