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Clinical Research Training Courses in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an emerging market for clinical trial business with some contract research organizations already operational in the country. Although Sri Lanka is getting involved more and more in clinical research, it significantly lacks professionals formally trained in conducting clinical trials. The need for Clinical Research Training in Sri Lanka for medical and life science graduates has been stressed upon by various research papers published by Sri Lankan authors.

To successfully conduct clinical trials sponsors need, and prefer to hire individuals who have undergone some form of documented training in clinical research methodology and are well aware of the applicable regulations and guidelines. It is also an expectation of the regulatory authorities in Sri Lanka that only trained individuals should conduct clinical trials. In line with our commitment to make research and development training available to all and to contribute to clinical research globally, James Lind Institute has made high quality online clinical research training programs available to applicants from Si Lanka under the SAARC category. James Lind Institute’s online programs in clinical research offer high level of flexibility in learning and are highly interactive, which makes understanding clinical research easier and even more effective. To know more about Clinical Research Training options available with JLI for Sri Lankan’s please feel free to visit our website:

Clinical Research Training in Srilanka

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