Pharmacovigilance Institutes

Off-late India is witnessing a tremendous growth in outsourcing of pharmacovigilance services from the west. More and more pharmaceutical companies have started to hire Indian companies to manage the pharmacovigilance activities related to their products. The growth of the pharmacovigilance sector can not only be attributed to the increased outsourcing of pharmacovigilance services to India but also to the strengthening of regulations in the country which has resulted in the local players to step up their work in drug safety. The regulatory authorities want to continuously get updates about the safety profiles of  medicines to ensure that the local population is not at any undue risk due to medicines readily available in the market. Most companies that provide pharmacovigilance services now consider hiring candidates trained by specialist Pharmacovigilance Institutes such as the James Lind Institute. This is because companies want to hire candidates who are already adept with core concepts of pharmacovigilance and require much lesser time to get trained within the organization and start performing on the job. Hiring trained candidates increases the productivity of the employee and thus results in better overall performance of the organization. If you wish to know more about pharmacovigilance training programs please feel free to click here:

Pharmacovigilance Institutes

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