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Healthcare management training requirements in South Africa

Healthcare management training requirements in South Africa :- The article is an effort at discovering training requirements of the human resources of operating units in healthcare management sector in South Africa. During the period of permanent changes touching each area of economy, healthcare service providers cannot continue to stay outside this development. Improving academic credentials, suiting the offer in hand, impacting its quality, and above all, the attentiveness of the inevitability of these changes, have become a part which is completely integrated also with this sphere of public sector functions. By considering the above, the article authenticates not only training needs expressed by staff members of Health Care Centers (HCC) working in the South Africa, but also the way they are perceived by the administrators of these centers, the ability to define  training needs and their suitability with characteristic features of evaluated HCCs.

Therefore special thrust has been placed on signifying the variety of diagnosed training needs with respect to such criteria as the size of evaluated centers, the market serviced by them, and their place. These decisive parameters allowed us to carry out a complex analysis of situations and structure of expressed need for subject training, and as a result, contributed to diagnosing the hopes of the health care sector concerning efforts improving the worth of public services in the health care services area.

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