Medical Journalism

Medical Journalism

Medical Journalism is a wonderful amalgamation of Literature, Science & Medicine. This uniqueness makes it a one of its kind career. Students undertaking a course in medical journalism will learn to apply particular skill sets to work as a practicing medical and science journalist in different sectors and media platforms. The main purpose of medical journalism is to bring forth the wonder of science and medicine in the minds of various readers, viewers & listeners all over the world. It can be thus said that medical journalists bridge the gap between the common man and the medical and scientific fraternity.

Having said so, let us look at the some of the skills one may need to pursue medical journalism as a career. The first and foremost skill a potential medical journalist would require is adaptability. There are various sections on publications in the field of science and medicine, so a medical journalist needs to adapt himself/herself according to the requirement of the publisher and fit into the mould. This may be achieved by submitting some articles about a particular research topic to different publishing houses and see how they respond. By doing so, the candidate enhances his writing skill as well as making himself aware with the latest happening in the field of science and technology. The other obvious skill which a journalist must possess to be a successful medical journalist is to have a flair for writing in simple and in a comprehendible way. They should be also able to write quickly and clearly, as most organizations have particular deadlines to complete the piece. A degree in journalism or in copywriting will definitely help the candidate to gain that extra edge and hone his/her competencies to the full. Many universities and colleges offer specialized courses in medical journalism which makes a student competent in multiple areas such as radio broadcasting, online journalism, magazine & feature writing etc. Armed with a degree in medical journalism, the student will thus feel confident to enter this wonder world of opportunities.

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