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The Clinical Research Certificate Program is a far less exhausting course than a full time degree program as it is more or less directed towards professionals than students and fresher. The program is designed to target project managers, principal investigators, and faculty members, who look forward to abreast themselves to the latest in clinical research and drug development process. It is also ideal for those working in private firms and collaborative research professionals. A variety of other professionals from various other fields such as nursing, pharmacy, business administration, biology, statistics etc can look forward for a certification on clinical research. The focus of this article will be on the advantages of clinical research certifications along with various examples.

The foremost question which comes to our mind when we discuss clinical research certification is why do we need to certify ourselves. I am sure all clinical research professionals do understand the importance of conducting clinical trials in an ethical manner, underlying the principles of ICG-GCP.  These certifications will evaluate the applicant’s understanding knowledge,  and conduct of clinical trials involving humans.

For most of clinical research certifications it is desirable for the candidate to have a clinical research experience. This experience can be varied. For example, the candidate can be a Clinical Study Coordinator or a Study Nurse etc. If he/she has worked for a pharmaceutical company, the eligibility criteria is considered fulfilled even in this case.

The course module consists of series of core and elective courses which range from biostatistics to scientific and ethical research conduct. Examples of organizations from which clinical researching training certification can be obtained are CRS (Clinical Research Society),SoCRA (Society of Clinical Research Associates) etc

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