Clinical Research

Certification in Clinical Research

The clinical trial process, determines whether a drug, biologic or medical device is safe and effective before approval for marketing and sale. Clinical trials require vigilant planning at every step of testing process as it is governed by regulations and guidelines to ensure safety and accuracy of biomedical data.

Recent escalation in clinical research efforts has increased the requirement for proficient clinical research workforce in industry, health care and academia. While federal organization, pharmaceutical companies, and research sites continue to put efforts to re-engineer the clinical research activity and ensuring conformity with federal regulations, seeking innovative approach to improve the breadth and competence of clinical research and maintain quality and safety standards, to bring the much desired products to market in a reasonable time frame to improve patient health. As the industry grows so does the demand for more highly skilled and developed clinical research professionals to address the increasing complexity of regulations.

A Certification in Clinical Research enables to hone practical aspects of clinical trial conduct and acquire research skills enabling them to lead multi-disciplinary clinical research team, for individual who are considering a career in clinical research or already working in the field. Certification in Clinical Research provides the training needed to assume the roles and responsibilities necessary to run clinical trials. The Certification in Clinical Research has been designed to bring varied disciplines together to address the growing gap between “bedside” application” and bench” research and from bedside application to improved healthcare quality.

Benefits of Certification in Clinical Research:

  • Hone foundational skills and techniques to be able to conduct high quality clinical research effectively and deal with broad spectrum of clinical issues and settings
  • Understand how to plan and manage clinical studies by familiarizing with laws, regulations, protocols and ethical standards governing clinical trials and applying statistical concepts to study design and achieving clarity and precision in the study out comes
  • Assists in building skills in communication, analytical, educational techniques, research and management associated to a clinical research.
  • Certification can serve various purposes from acting as a competency validation for new employees to providing evidence of experience and qualifications of a research team to the regulatory bodies.
  • Recent evidence exhibit that there is greater safety, with fewer errors, lower cost with more rapid turnaround in a clinical study when certified professionals are involved.

Who are eligible for Certification in Clinical Research?

A Certification in Clinical Research is ideal for practicing physicians, bench scientists in pharmaceutical companies who want to switch careers within the industry, registered nurses who want to build up the expertise to enter a fresh field, Clinical research associates, study coordinators, or monitors working in the research industry who are seeking for additional training and other professionals who are interested in the conduct, interpretation and implementation of clinical research that transform biomedical findings into clinical practice.

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