Clinical Research

Clinical Research Education

Clinical research is defined largely as everything but pure bench science, that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens intended for human use. The overarching goal of clinical research is to promote clinical application to have an important impact on the health of the population. Recent trends suggest a rapid momentum in the growth of the number of clinical trials and projection of the requirement of trained manpower in big numbers to carry out highly task-specific responsibilities.

Clinical research appears to be growing faster offering various lucrative career options which requires specialized clinical research education to carry out various job functions. The major purpose of clinical research education is to facilitate diverse cadre of clinical research professionals to create a worldwide association of clinical researchers to foster future alliance in clinical research.

Performing clinical trials is a complicated business. It is bound by regulations and good clinical practice, with the overriding concern of protecting the safety and welfare of study subject’s. Clinical research education facilitates the professional to hone these skills and
identifying standards for professional practice and provides confidence for studying our future medicines and conduct the trials under high ethical and scientific standards.

Clinical research field is a unique, health-allied activity because it draws on a variety of different healthcare professionals and individuals with health-related training, to come together to contribute different areas of knowledge and skills to a common objective.

Many Clinical research education institutes have mushroomed to bridge the gap between academia and industry by offering various certification programs with promises of quick entry into the industry. The eligibility is consequently wide; with medical graduates and paramedics to life science graduates. Few important factors are to be kept in mind before deciding on a particular program or an institute are the duration of the program which should be optimal from 4 to 8 months; fee of the training program, mode of studying in terms of ease a of undertaking it along with other personal commitments, reliability and quality of the institute and the program respectively, relevant industry alliance,  core industry faculty etc.

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