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The global population is aging and becoming richer at rates that exceed the accessibility of quality healthcare services. These factors are pushing patients to consider global healthcare alternatives either to save funds or to evade long waits for medical treatment. It is projected that the global medical tourism market is rising at a rate of 20-25%, with rates highest in South, Southeast and Northern Asia.

Apprehension for the safety and quality of the healthcare provided abroad have also surfaced due to the lack of strong quantifiable governance measures and quality assurance policies in service provider settings, projected to uphold the quality of care offered to medical tourists. There have also been concerns over the competence, training, motivations, and qualification of health care professionals.

Motivating the healthcare professionals is a decisive parameter to prolifically meet the needs of medical tourists. Medical tourism training Institutes should specially focus on to how to prepare healthcare personnel to successfully offer top quality patient care to customers who are benefiting out of treatment regimes.

Medical tourism Institutes have spent many years evolving at a broad and varied curriculum of medical tourism training programs, certification courses and continuing learning to match industry initiatives. A fitting training institute should try to convey the aspirants with adequate knowledge about the travel sector, medical amenities and settings, ethical and legal issue, and hospitality & logistics industry. Firm focus on international law, global healthcare, tourism management, intercultural management and operations management issues must be there.

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