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Public Health is the discipline of caring and improving the health of public through education, promotional efforts for  healthy  lifestyles, and research activities to prevent and control diseases and injuries. Public health personnel study the effect on health of inheritance, personal selection and the surroundings in order to build up programs that safeguard the health of civilian families and communities. Public heath training programs need a comprehensive outlook and critical dissection of principles as this multi-disciplinary field often create confusion in the minds of the aspirants.

Public health personnel try to avert  accidents or illness  from occurrence or re-occurring  by  conducting educational activities, developing strategies, managing services, controlling health systems and  carrying  out research as and when required , unlike medical professionals, such as physicians and clinical nurses, who involve primarily on treating people after they fall sick or  are injured.

Public health as a discipline is highly diverse and includes many academic domains. Nevertheless, public health is mainly linked to few of following core areas viz., Public Health Practice, Public health policy, nutrition, behavioral science, environmental health, epidemiology, maternal and child health, global health, biostatistics, health service management etc.

Public heath training programs tender something for every person. Epidemiology and biostatistics require mathematics and modeling knowledge. Environmental health needs a broad range of science expertise. Health administration requires management and business skills. Health education demands skills needed to evolve at community-level prevention plans. Health policy requires an understanding of law-making procedures.

 Public heath training programs must have to impart the needed information to  takers basing on  experience and academic credentials. The wide scope of this field is luring  a lot of potential candidates,  irrespective of their disciplines. This is a sector especially for those who want to earn and serve at the same time.

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