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Medical Writing Certification Programs in India

Medical Writing Certification Programs In India

Medical writing service providers in India are expected to gain significant market share ensuring upward growth with the urgent need to provide high quality documents authored to support and enhance timely drug approvals in the pharmaceutical and biotech  industry.

Medical writing in India

Medical writing has grown significantly to include preparing educational and communication material or safety, regulatory and publication documents. India has the unique advantages of lower costs, larger workforce of science graduates and medical professionals suitable for outsourcing medical writing services.  India has a huge pool of highly experienced medical writers certified to work on international platform. Medical writers should have medical understanding of drug development and research methodologies, knowledge of regulatory and safety domains, awareness of relevant regulations and guidelines. Writers are able to use good writing skills along with analysing and interpreting biomedical scientific data in the required format. 

India faces real challenges of high attrition rates, inadequate technical writing skills, lack of breadth and depth in domain expertise, paucity of quality assessment tools and standardized training programs. Timely attention and resources needed to focus and address the challenges of Indian medical writing industry to acquire rightful position in the global medical writing business. Indian medical writing service providers are continuously working towards overcoming challenges to gradually increase high-complexity and high-priority documents outsourced by global sponsors. Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Indian Contract Research Organizations and Business Process Organizations have responded favourably to maintain skilled dedicated teams to support all medical writing requirements. These dedicated teams develop good understanding of the products, processes and standard operating procedures to meet sponsor requirements.

Medical Writing Certification 

Medical writing is critical for approval, continuance and promotion of products within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Medical writers are extremely important for enhancing medical communication and knowledge, propagation of new ideas and communicating better therapeutic practices. Institutes with standardized training programs in medical writing consistently deliver controlled curriculum in certified industry-led training programs; provide potential writing aspirants internship in reputed companies; and actively collaborate with global organizations. Certified Medical Writing Professionals have comprehensive insight in proper medical and technical writing; prepare compliant documentation as per requirements of regulatory agencies; involved in submissions and product marketing; aware of the fundamentals of regulated writing to be more effective overall communicators. The skill improvement and extra training to increase zest and vigour in the industry helps in lateral movement of employees within the company. 

James Lind Institute (JLI) conducts a Professional Diploma in Medical Writing to provide knowledge, methodical understanding and enhancing skills in core areas of medical writing to the level expected of a Scientific and Medical Writer. This course helps develop emerging professionals equipped with the most latest and relevant knowledge and expertise for the Indian industry. The Professional Diploma in Medical Writing course imparts rigorous medical writing training to develop high calibre experts through curriculum fully endorsed by the clinical research industry and academia. Professional Diploma in Medical Writing (PDMW) at JLI is extensively developed, reviewed and evaluated by experienced medical writing professionals of the industry. This course empowers professionals of clinical research with the advanced knowledge and training skills required to make an entrance in the industry and move to higher in the management hierarchy. Professional Diploma in Medical Writing Course (PDMW) also assigns a senior professional from the industry as a mentor to participants throughout the course. 

Online Medical Writing Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Professional Diploma in Medical Writing for better medical writing career opportunities in India.

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