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Online Medical Writing Course in India

Online Medical Writing course India

Educational training in scientific writing, date representation and editing has become vital for the staff of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Online medical writing courses provide the professionals knowledge of drug development, good clinical practices, basic experience in clinical sciences, regulatory guidelines and good writing skills. 

Medical Writing in India

Scientific medical writer can undertake responsibility of preparing abstracts, articles, posters, clinical and preclinical manuscripts, clinical trial reports and medical education materials. Medical writers are also responsible for editing and re-writing scientific papers and grant applications. Medical writing has grown significantly to include regulatory, safety, educational, communication and publication documents or material of healthcare products in India. Educational medical writing for healthcare professionals and general audiences involves documents related to drugs and devices. For a professional audience, scientific medical writers translate medical study findings, drug trial results and clinical data into regulatory documents, presentations and abstracts or articles in journals. Marketing medical writers focus on writing news releases, scientific advertisements and educational materials. A medical writer working in medical communication firm can contribute in creation of healthcare or pharmaceutical educational programs.

The vast scope of medical writing is increasing to spread in various pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other healthcare companies. Medical writing requires experts with medical understanding related to regulatory and safety domains, knowledge of drug development, understanding of research methodologies, awareness of relevant regulations and guidelines. India has the unique advantage of a large workforce of science graduates and medical professionals with good writing skills; ability to analyze, interpret and present biomedical scientific data in the required format. Medical writing business in India faces challenges like lack of domain expertise, high attrition rates, inadequate technical writing skills, paucity of standardized training programs and quality assessment tools. Indian medical writers in the industry have to deal and address these challenges to focus on gaining its rightful position in the global medical writing business.

Online Courses in Medical Writing

Online courses are meant for individuals such as graduates, post graduates and working professionals keen to join and affirm a strong position in medical writing industry. Graduate or postgraduate candidates with a degree or diploma in Healthcare, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Microbiology or Biochemistry are eligible to be skilled and trained into medical writers. Personnel with non-medical background who are passionate about writing might also find this field lucrative. Retired doctors interested in this field can opt for online course to get accustomed with the tools used in medical writing. Medical writers need to have the zeal to practice, explore varied fragments of the industry and research new treatment methods, techniques and other progresses in the healthcare industry. Adventurous medical writers can survive with regular and progressive research work in this non-monotonous industry. The trained professionals make India a suitable destination for outsourcing medical writing services.

Well-structured course with comprehensive information of medical writing industry is prepared under the guidance of experts and professionals from the field. The courses are remarkably woven with e-tools which make the lectures, examination preparation and paper assessment less complicated for the participants. Easy of using and exploring the study material, online database and e-tools ensure that the courses are easily accessible and self-paced. The participants learn to communicate and produce good quality scientific documents to meet the demands of the scientific population of pharma and biotech companies. James Lind Institute provides accredited and high quality degree courses and training programs which help individuals interested in exploring a career in medical writing to generate medical case reports, clinical study protocols, clinical trial reports and various medico-marketing documents.

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online programs – Professional Diploma in Medical Writing; Advance PG Diploma in Scientific Writing & Medical Journalism; These programs ensure better job opportunities in India.

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